On the point of batch processing, mentioned above. Yes it can be done on a minilab processor but when you are finished, you will have to drain and dispose of the chemicals correctly (a very important point, EPA compliance).

The next time you wish to batch process, you can't just pour in fresh chemical and away you go. For the fuji replenished system you need a developer starter to mix with the tank solution. On a low volumn throughput C41 processor the dev tank can be 5-8 lt of solution so it's a lot of solutuion just to get up and running.

And lastly these machines are designed to be run continiously and not for sporadic batch processing. Regarding spare parts, Most Fuji machines come with a service contract so when the machine is disposed of from the minilab so will the contract. So getting the parts will be hard and even if you can get the parts they are very expensive.