Not at all, I was just trying to see if I did some mistake, because the digibase kits have a set of instrutions and then in the chemicals bottles, they have diffrent ones (and in the pdf instr. file, they have mix ones also, the temp for doing the solutions is what i remember better).
I did my first stab with tap water but had problems, because the negs were all cover in white foam, the water here is very har, so I did a second stab solution with distiled water for yesterday. But got the same problem, not has much or has much visual, but after scanning few negs were full of white spots.
By the way, in the Landfords Darkroom Guide book, in the color developing, the kodak times have a wash cycle after fixer and before stab, is that right? Or do you all do a wash after fixing?

Edit: found the answer myself. Yester day I forgott to wash after the fixer, arrrggggghhhhhhh!!!