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Not bent out of shape at all, another of your inaccurate statements. Simply correcting ignorance using appropriate terminology. Your characterization of an incident for which you have no reference is simply lacking in sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence (i.e., crass) to the memory of a man whose importance to the history and environment of the park in question is bettered only by Muir and, perhaps, Adams. I indicated in my post that I agreed with your advice. And once again, I do agree, someone obviously is "bent out of shape". If you care to avoid bending in the future, use due diligence before before relating matters of fact, and provide source.

You must be a hoot at parties!

First I "crassly" miscategorize an anecdote as a joke, now I need to use "due diligence" and have to "provide source." This is a discussion board, not a dissertation. Relax.

Apologies to everyone else for continuing this tangent on an otherwise worthy discussion.