Any other brand of stop and fix will suffice, just follow the directions on the label. As for rinse aid(fotoflo) I prefer Edwal LFN, only need one drop to 16oz distilled water for streak and spot free drying. Dust free is totally up to you to provide a clean space, hanging in the shower works.I don't see the need for wash aids like Sistan or hypo clearing agents before final wash and rinse. Ilford method of film washing is perfect for me. My personal brand of fixer is Formulary's TF-4, washes out quickly and longer life, increased capacity over most other brands. I buy the cheapest indicator stop I can find, they are all mostly identical, so why waste money. Some folks don't bother with chemical stop and just use a couple water rinses instead, I've been in the DR for nearly 50 years and still believe acid stop is best. Good luck with developing. BTW I'm available if you need help, if you need I can even talk you through the process, PM me for a phone number if you need help.Take the road trip and I'll give you a hands on lesson in my DR.
I usually buy my chems from Freestyle, ocassionally from Adorama.