Last time I was using an old 8x10 Agfa Ansco with a converted film holder for the plate holder. I was limited to shooting plates about 4x5 and 7x9. The lens I was using was a 14 1/2" Verito soft focus lens. I just recently sold both those off (and some other things). I had purchased them as short term anyway. Those monies were set aside for my new stuff.

My new gear is from 1861 a Dallmeyer Petzval 13" f3.5 that I purchased from Eddie.

For my camera I have Steve from Black Art Woodcraft finishing up a new 8x10 wet plate camera. I will have inserts in which I can shoot: half-plate, whole plate, 8x10, 10x10 and 4x10 plates. It will be going onto one of his wooden tripods.

I am soon going to be trying to make some collodion negatives for use in albumen printing. With all the stuff Mat is doing I am hoping Mat will figure out albumen printing so he can teach me. You hear that Mat? Not long ago I bought a NICE contact print frame from Bostick and Sullivan.