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Did he/she say why? or.... have you been sniffing fixer again?

no she didn't tell me why but she was pretty freaked out
when i needed to descratch a sheet of film i dropped, and
i was going to get it from the nose, almost as if
the quality was better from behind the ear, or that nose grease
had the tendency to do something bad to the film, or maybe it went rancid
if the film wasn't stored "correctly" .. it was as if it was something only
real photographers knew, you know, the same photographers who
knew how to retouch so you couldn't see retouching marks, or shoot perfect slides without a meter
just by judging the light and experience ...

i never questioned it, and since march 1989 i haven't used anything but stuff from behind my ear ...

of course, your mileage may vary ..