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That is an interesting dilemna. If one is going to use a camera for "serious work" (whatever that may mean) and really wants reliability... that attribute might well be worth the cost. "Worth" is an interesting discussion and quantifying worth in terms of dollars isn't always the best metric.
It's important to weigh up the ecomonics on shutter repairs. I've a few 1930's rimset Compurs which are all remarkably accurate they'll outlast modern Copals by decades and they are modern shutter sizes #0. #1 etc, I've also got dial set Compurs which are just as accurate the oldest being 99 this year (made in 1913)

With many of the older folding cameras it's worth looking for dud/broken cameras with scratched or foggy lenses etc for parts before emabrking on expensive CLA's. I struck lucky buying 6 shutters recently and solved many of my repair or missing shutter problems plus getting a 203mm f7.7 Ektar and two Novars in the deal. (The Ektar was worth 3x what I paid for the lot).

I can't speak for the US but most repairs or CLA's here have a minimum 50 charge in the UK that means it's often unecomomic when you can pick up a similar camera in fully working condition for less.

You need to take into account the condition of the camera and it's value when restored both in monetary terms and usability and that's really what I'd guess Brian and I mean by it's worth.