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You need to take into account the condition of the camera and it's value when restored both in monetary terms and usability and that's really what I'd guess Brian and I mean by it's worth.
I understood, Ian. I was offering an alternative to financial worth. I have a lens in a 1925 Compur shutter that I still use for uncompromising work. Probably only worth $100, but I gleefully paid someone to overhaul it for me, paying $135, because I need reliability and accuracy. I doubt that I could find a more economical way and despite me only being able to sell the lens for $100 today, taking a loss, it was worth it to me. It really is an interesting cross between individual needs, values, and opportunity.

... and yet I could have done a overhaul myself had time not been an issue, saving $135 and staying well within the financial worth metric!

p.s. Shutter overhauls in US vary in price: about $60 if you are willing to wait an indeterminate amount of time, $85 (+ shipping) if you want to send it to Mr. X who has quite a following, and $135 for the guy in my neighborhood who has "1000 years" of experience and a great reputation.