If you intend on servicing your own shutters in the future then experimenting on $10 clunkers is certainly worth your time for the experience. I know for a fact, though, that simply spraying or dunking in lighter fluid isn't good enough. Not in the long-run anyway. Also, it's imperative to remove the cells to avoid exposure of the lenses to the cleaners... if for no other reason than to avoid having to clean it off of them.

Naphtha or white gas work fine but you need to work the shutters all all speeds while they're still wet. This may take some time... many workings. Lastly, leaving shutter mechanisms clean and "dry" is not good enough. As others stated, the moving parts need lubrication with ultra-light oil... just "tiny" amounts in the right places.

I'm no expert on ANY shutter. I just use my eyes and ears... and do my best. I've never had a problem.