I read, somewhere over the Internet, that Adox is planning to introduce, in the future, some Super8 and 16mm B&W movie film stock. Is it true or just fantasies ?
In film making sooner or later itīs always a matter of coating size. If you can get volume on a coating machine you are a happy man, if you struggle with volume you can choose between poor quality or a skyrocketed price. Thus a very simple aproach to the matter is to coat "a" film and then make many different products out of it. In this context Super8 and 16mm are contributing formats.
We have also bought and refurbished machines to make Super8, Normal8 and 16mm film but the question is if we can bring a final product at competitive prices to the market. So apart from the pure capability of making it we are at present debating about production costs.

To you the price of a roll of moovie film might seem high but from a manufacturers standpoint such film is sold quite cheap :-)

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