Okay, folks, you're used to me hawking the twice-a-year show and sale run by PHSNE, so the first part of this is pretty straight up. If you know all about the PHSNE sales, just skip to the bold print.

This spring's show and sale will be in Wakefield, MA on April 14-15. General admission is $5, $3 for PHSNE members and students are free with ID. The details are in the attached flyer. This is as good a place as you will find in the great Northeast to get camera gear, antique images and materials, good advice and great conversation about photography. The dollar table alone is worth the visit!

And now a message from John Dockery, President of PHSNE:

"Also for APUG, PHSNE has gotten a huge camera collection. As a result, we'll be having an auction on Saturday night right after the show closes. The preview is from 4 - 5 P.M. The auction will be from 5:00 - 6:30 P.M. or so. What this guy had was all film cameras - Nikons, 35mmm range finders (the good ones -Nikons, Canons, Russian rip offs), Rollies, Canons, large format, Speeds and Crowns,and lots of medium format. This is the stuff the kids are looking for and will use. I hope that we'll have a 100 or so at this auction.

I'd like to have some real honest to goodness end users in the crowd to keep the dealers honest with their bidding.

If you have been looking to get into medium and large format on the cheap, you'll want to be here."