Just did my very first C-41 4x5s using maxi kit and they turned out absolutely flawless! 9 negs in a Jobo 3010 with a DIY "cupped" expert cap (500ml cup half-open at the top epoxied to the bottom). Used boiled water left to cool for everyhing, 416 ml chems, preheated for 2-3 minutes, two short presoaks, pulled a bit (2'55"-3'00") to reduce contrast (internegs on 100T). Drum was vigorously rolled back and forth on a 6-foot table, temp kept with a "modified" 300W steel fish tank heater in a home-made large epoxy/polyurethane tray and used drift-through (start at 39 deg.C). Stabilized in a separate plastic container. Questions: how much replenishment necessary for the developer to reduce development variation enough?