Ilford Warmtone is one of the best lith papers... it is just a tricky one to work with.. you must pull the paper when the blacks just start showing and the image will explode in the fix..
contrary to other good lith papers where you pull the paper when the blacks look right.

tough one to cut your teeth on but do not be mislead , it is a great lith paper and it tones really nice.
The fomatone 131 is a great paper to start with and is easily available from freestyle or B & H if you are on the east coast.

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Thank you for those suggestions. After I wrote this, I realized that I still had some Ilford warmtone, which is on Rudman's list of papers, although it's not a top recommendation from him.

For anyone else who stumbles upon this thread looking for a list of papers to lith, here is a link: