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John Jarosz of the MWLFA gave me a copy of “Albumen & Salted Paper
Book, The History and Practise of Photographic Printing 1840-1895,” John M. Reilly, if you think I can help with any research.

Thanks Mat. We really are going to learn and see some spectacular new-old stuff.

Charlie that gear really sounds great. I am looking forward to show and tell. What are you using for a dark box/room? Have you purchased a Joe Smigiel like RV, a Bill Schwab like trailer, or built something? Do we need to provide pasture for the horses or donkeys that will be pulling your period darkroom?


I do not have a setup like Bill has, although I would love to. I am using a dark box which I made with help from my brother-in-law and sister who sews.

I am not exactly portable, especially adding in hauling my water, chemicals, waste jugs etc. I was hoping to hire some sherpas when I got to your area. Let me know if you can recommend any!