After years (more than I care to count) of shooting 6x6, I, too, want to try some 6x9... I am intrigued by the format size and I remember the contact-printed snapshots from my first camera (a Spartus 6x9 folder). In fact, I have a project in mind that I would like to start on and I want all the prints to be 6x9 contact prints... but I digress.

So, I appreciate all the recommendations included here. I'm a little more interested in getting some input on the actual purchasing than on the choices of equipment. I have purchased quite a few cameras from auction sites and have had luck ranging from "a great find" to "how could I have been so dumb..." I have seen Jurgen's work (Certo6) and admire it quite a bit, but I actually think that I want a Medalist or Medalist II for my project rather than a folder... I have several folders already in 6x6. I don't mind spending the money that a Medalist seems to go for ($150-250, or so) but I'm not interested in making another bad purchase and end up having to buy the camera twice, literally or figuratively. Plus, it is my sense that the auction sites drive up the cost very quickly - - something I would have been happy with from a garage sale at $50 or $100 I'm not so keen on at $150 or $200.

For comparison, I have been looking at some of the collectible camera sites, but the prices seem to reflect the display quality of the cameras rather than the functional or operational state. For example, on Pacific Rim, I see quite a few cameras listed for more than the final prices on the auction site, but they are listed as having operational problems. I'd rather have something that doesn't look great but still works...

Perhaps I'm expecting too much. Maybe I should be prepared to buy something for $150-200 and then plan to spend that much again having it CLA'ed. Or maybe I need to re-adjust my frame of reference - - perhaps $200 isn't that much to risk these days... but it sures seems like it to me.

So is there any advice about finding and purchasing? If I lived in NYC again, I'd cruise the used shops (if they still exist...). Do you just take your chances? Are the good deals (working shooters) found through personal contacts? Advice, recommendations, encouragement?