The V700 is an excellent tool for the job, Marc. All of my matted/framed prints were prepared on that.
Vibration on that darned bridge, and mischievous APUGers loitering in the bush on the right were major challenges of patience; and again on the viewing platform of Toorongo Falls (that structure, and the one at Amphitheatre are patently ugly, ugly and intrusive). I don't know how much the Titan weighs but it came across as looking very lightweight? At the moment I'm ogling 6x6 pinhole pics from my trip around the central and western half of Australia last year; who says beautiful images should be left to the big gun classics of cameras!?

I reckon, Marc, I'll be angling for the Zero Image 4x5; I'm just sooooo smitten by the cherrywood and brass (ah, just like you when you saw the Wista!!! )