Washington in general has nearly anything and everything you could want! I assume with those sizes of cameras you probably stick to landscape and there are lots of options there. Just north of Bellingham is plenty of farmland and wonderful old farm homes if you like. Or if you're up to a little drive to the East towards Mt. Baker(it's been a long long time since I've been out there but...) there are plenty of nice views, especially of Mt. Shuksan with Baker Lake or Artist Point. Those last two view points are some of the more infamous of the area. Another popular spot, especially if you like to do some hiking with those beasts, would be Chuckanut Bay/Larrabee state park area. Those are all a few ideas closest to the Bellingham area. If you ever plan to explore some more of Washington I could possibly help with some ideas, too. I recommend you google the above locations if you are not familiar with them. I'm sure plenty of photos will pop up to help represent them!