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How courageous. Takes a big man stand up against slang in a friendly thread about photography, in a forum whose overwhelming purpose is photography. Whether with firearms or not, you're sharpshooting.

I understood that you were not boasting about your firearms as much as your ability to sharpshoot language. There is irony in your conjuring of Mark Twain to criticize the use of slang, considering that Twain employed slang throughout his most-famous novel.

If this was a firearms AND cameras forum, you would have a valid gripe and a good reason to hijack this thread. But this is not a firearms and cameras forum.

In this sentence, the word "those" requires a noun in the previous sentence or immediately afterward.
"Those" is not a normal pronoun. It is a demonstrative pronoun.

This sentence ends in a preposition, a major faux pas among the literary elite.

".22rf" is incorrectly written. There should be a space between the numerals and letters. And if you want to be, ahem, precise you would write .22-caliber rifle."

Now, when noble Von Hoegh, courageous defender of syntactical correctness, is finished protesting the verb, "shoot," I'd still like to hear from street shooters about their chosen equipment. And I wager a few others here would be interested in this relevant topic as well.

For what it's worth, Von, I carry a Star Firestar ultra-compact 9mm.

It has very little recoil and incredible stopping power.
You're as well informed about English as you are about "stopping power".