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A perfect illustration of the two schools of thought re. fungus!!

Does this sound like a plan? It's unusually sunny here in the UK at present. I'll open the back and leave the camera in the sun in the hope that the UV will at least kill the visible mould. Then I will try the thymol fumigation trick in case that does some damage to the inaccessible fungus, and then put the thing in a sealed plastic bag in the ice-box while I decide what to do next.


I like it - a three pronged approach - if the fungus survives that, I think it is entitled to devour the camera!

Alas, no, I haven't done the Agimatic, yet. I definitely will - but I had a bit of a photographic crises when I realised how little time I'm spending on photography these days, and just how many unfinished projects I've got on the go. Unfortunately I'm a serial project starter. I had to sit myself down and give myself a good talking to and come up with a plan. I now have a list of priorities - and top priority is to use up all the film, paper and chemicals I have stocked up on that are just going stale. I need to use them before they are useless... Repairing my camera collection is a bit further down the list - but fear not, I will get there.