Welcome to ULF. Enjoy your new camera.

As you may know a normal lens size is the distance between opposite corners of the negative. 7x17 is about 465mm. 11x14 is 448mm. 8x10 is 313mm.

355mm 14” G Claron as you say would be moderate wide
300mm 12” Dagor is a little wider and has great coverage on my 7x17. It is my favorite for 7x17 and 8x10
250mm wide field Ektar covers 7x17 with just a little movement. It would be fine for 11x14
210mm Super Angulon and Super Symmar XL will cover but are quite expensive, 3x the 355mm G Claron. The regular Symmars (300, 240, 210) don’t have the coverage you need.

There is about a ten year old 11x14 lens comparison Excel chart on the LF Forum that may help. Naturally it doesn’t have all the lenses available but it is a good start.

John Powers