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Since Kodak is in the midst of a chapter 11, they don't make quarterly/annual filings like non-ch 11 publicly traded corporations, but it looks like some info re their 2011 annual results has been filed (I assume with the court). Prior to this the last rpt we have seen was the 3Q11 rot.

See this tidbit from a newly filed annual rpt:

"The only part of Kodak to post a profit was its Film, Photofinishing and Entertainment Group, where profits fell by 63% to $34*million, on sales down 12% at $1.5 billion."


Sure it isn't roses but it's not what the trolls and other haters would leave you to believe....
Please post to YouTube the video of your reaction to some truly good news.

Your dearly departed "troll and hater" Aristophanes was a least numerate and could read a financial statement--much to the consternation of the resident fabulists.