Hello APUG,

This is my first time posting, and just recently got into rolling, developing my own film. I figured for a start I would try Arista EDU ULTRA ISO 200. So far I have had less than great results. The images are thin and have very little contrast. I have snooping around the forums for answers, but haven't found anything I haven't already tried. Are some of these rolls lemons cause they come from the Czech Republic? Or should I just have spent the extra $20 on TriX?

These are the steps I have checked for error so far:

-Film in bulk loader with correct orientation
-Shot tests through multiple cameras
-Used chemistry to develop TMax 400 and came out fine
-Used stock D-76 for recommended 5-6 mins
-Used stock D-76 and push processed for 10 mins
-Used D-76 1:1 and processed for 10 mins

So yeah, i've been trying to find a sweet spot for this film and all my results end up pretty similar. If anyone has any input i'd greatly appreciate it. If I can't get any better results in the next couple days i'll just order some TriX and be done with it.

BTW, I use all Kodak chemistry, but just started so don't know how much that will effect development. Thanks!!

TMAX 400 (120)developed in same chemistry, all standard times.

TMAX 400 4 (1).jpg

Arista 200 (135)developed all standard times

Pentax MX Arista 200 5.jpg