The sort-of-local dealer has a pack of Kentmere Kentona Grade 2 (Glossy) still lying around. He showed me a sample from one of those fold-out booklets (full of discontinued papers ) and frankly in comparison to the Kentmere papers that I know (Fineprint Glossy and Semi-matte) the Kentona looks nicely different: quite warm and creamy, and glossy in an attractive way.

I know that this is a fixed-grade paper and also that it's no longer in production. An internet search reveals a couple of people having problems with later batches of Kentona, supposedly something to do with the elimination of Cadmium. Apparently unless you use distilled or demineralised water for your developer the paper will come out a blotchy yellowish. Is anybody familiar with this problem?

Assuming no yellow-problems, is this a nice paper, or better to go with something like EMAKS/Adox Nuance? How does Kentona's grade relate to variable contrast papers used at grade two?

This is not meant to be a fixed-grade vs. variable contrast thread; rather a bit more about Kentona specifically.

Thanks, Sander