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Well, that would be a little difficult to say really, as I have developed both 120 and 35mm in it, always one film at a time and usually 500ml-600ml ready mixed at 1:20 (where I could find times for it).

Roughly, after checking my fixer bottle, I think we're talking about 13-17 120 films and around 10 35mm ones. (mind you, with 600ml in my tank, I can develop two 35mm films in one go, but I haven't had more than one film at a time, so..).

I have changed/exhausted fixer twice during this time, so the markings on the bottle are a bit iffy to read. =)
When going 1+30 then aprox 80 films tops, either 135 or 120
In fact, the other day I developed an Ilford PanF 120 with Ultrafin opened last spring, it was perfectly developed.
As I wrote above, I dont store this developer in its factory bottle but in small glass ones, same as Neofin Blue ones.
Also, I am talking about Ultrafin Liquid not Ultrafin Plus.