I've heard that elsewhere about gentle agitation when using Diafine. Which is what I used with this particular roll -- the first I put through the GA645. But does the result on the image indicate insufficient agitation or too much agitation? My first consideration was that the agitation was insufficient, this frame being at or near the center of the reel. Other photos of the same bridge made on a different day didn't show the same pattern.

So does it make sense to develope 120 rolls in Diafine by gently raising the reel say an inch then gently lowering it? This would require developing in the dark, with the attendant dribble here and there, but I could load the three solutions into 600 ml containers to avoid a lot of spillage and develop over an old print tray. Suggestions?

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Diafine is used at stock strength, then returned to the storage bottle for subsequent use.
Replenishment amounts to simply replacing the lost volume of Part A, and adding the same amount of fresh Part B to its bottle.

It's highly insensitive to temperature and time,
but it IS sensitive to agitation, which should be minimal and gentle.

The OP's description of his agitation procedure sounds reasonable as long as the rotation was not rapid.

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