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Did you end up trying this? I'm looking at the Ag-Plus online thinking about if it can be put on glass to make negs in my 8x10 camera? Please share info you've found/tried if you can. I would appreciate hearing how it went. thanks!
hi jessica
it is not difficult to coat glass with liquid emulsions, any of the ones you buy in a store or online
can be used to coat glass, but they will not be panchromatic emulsions, only like paper emulsion ( blue sensitive )
if you can get your hands on a book called silver gelatin: a user's guide to using liquid photographic emulsion ... you won't be sorry.
i taught myself this craft before books like that were around, and the internet wasn't around and .. it was a lot of trial and error.
basically you need to chemically clean your glass plates, and then sub them ( if you want ) with gelatin or another material that will stick to the glass
and allow the emulsion to anchor to it. some have success without the sub layer ( i never have ) ... then you coat the plate ...

gives a great demo.

good luck, and have fun !