I sure do hope FPEG is turning a profit. Even at lower run-rates you would think they would.

You need to apply critical thinking when reading all this financial information. I'm certainly no financial expert, either. For those who worked at Kodak and I guess others,too, there were all those financial reports with gross earnings of some very high number but then there were always the "one-time charges," "cost due to restructuring" and my all time favorite "write down of unamortized goodwill," whatever the hell that is or was. In the end they would take a gross profit and then lose money. Anyway, it seems like financial reports can be made to say anything you want them to say, depending on what spin you want to put on the data.

old accountant joke: three accountants interview for a position. Each accountant is asked the question: "What is two plus two?"
1st accoutant responds: "four"
2nd accountant responds: "twenty-two"
3rd accountant gets up from his chair and closes the door and the blinds on the window then responds: "What do you want it to be?"

Who do you think gets the job?

I think financial reports are like that.