I dump all my used fixer into a 5 gallon bucket. All my film scraps, test strips and junk prints go into the fixer bucket.
After several weeks, most of the silver is removed from the film and paper. There is only a light brown, "ghost" image left.

Using rubber gloves, I remove the paper and film, put it in garbage bags and throw it out with the trash. I strain the saturated fixer then use a Silver Magnet to remove as much silver as I can. (Last time I ran it, I recovered almost an ouce of silver from 2 1/2 gallons of fixer.)

The left over, dead fixer is stored in plastic milk jugs until Haz-Mat Amnesty Day. I scan the label off the fixer bottle into my computer, print it out and stick a copy onto each of the bottles before turning them in. Things like selenium and sepia toner get dumped in jugs and turned in to Haz-Mat Day, as well.

In two years, I have generated about five gallons of waste that can't be flushed down the drain. All of it has been or will be turned in for collection.