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I'm going to guess a bit here.

Turn the dial until the shutter speed you are using is adjacent to the film speed (EI) you are using.

As the needle moves in response to light, it will point to a number adjacent to an f/stop.

The f/stop is the one you need to set on your camera (assuming the meter is accurate).

If the dial rotates appropriately, you may be able to start off instead by setting the f/stop you intend to use adjacent to the film EI, and read the shutter speed closest to the needle.

Actually quite an elegant approach.
Ty for the input! I just tested that reading technique and it seems consistent, sadly only for reading above a certain threshold, only well lid situations.
I cannot, if you see the image, set speeds at low lights like 2.8 @ 1/60. For example, for using an fstop of f/1.4
I would need to use a speed of 1/1000 @ ASA 400, because the needle will be on the very left border and setting the f1.4 on it would cause tthe 1/1000 to fall on the ASA 400, which is clearly a false reading, since a needle all the way to the left is very low light and a lower ~1/30 sec is needed at ~1.8 but not close to the needed value for f/1.4.

Maybe there is a hybrid technique?