A decrease in the amount of free time at my disposal and being gifted an M42 lens to K-Mount adapter means that whilst the lenses are seeing some use, unfortunately the Chinon CX has not had a roll through it yet. Because I think it is only right, I've decided to pass it on for free. All I ask for is to cover postage (at cost), and a contribution made to the Prostate Cancer charity that Steve posted and requested earlier in the thread.

A quick description:
M42, vertical shutter SLR. 1s-1/1000s, all mechanical, battery only powers the light meter. Meter responds to light, not 100% sure about accuracy though. I reckon it's accurate enough though, I wouldn't hesitate to use it for negatives. I have a fresh (albeit an alkaline replacement) battery. Flash syncs up to 1/125s. Light seals are okay, probably light tight but could do with renewal if used as a regular shooter. ISO ranges from 10-1600. Feels very solid, weighty but not too heavy, think consumer Nikon F2 (bold statement, I know!). Uncluttered viewfinder, with only a +/- needle, and also has an mechanical indicator to show when you are at low speeds. Has a very handy button for double exposures, a little switch near the film advance lever and shutter button.

If you are interested, or have any further questions, please PM me - I may miss them amongst all the activity on APUG.