Thanks for all the info gentlemen,

As for the 2 shots they (obviously) different but thought illustrated my point. Anyhow while different formats both are shots set to recommended ISO setting and metered exposure. Again different cameras though so indeed I should've expected different results.
The first thing ill try is shooting at 100 ISO in camera. Ill also role a couple shorts and do a test on a setup. If nothing else will give someone in the future a frame of reference.

I made a ghetto contact sheet and the results were much more promising then my scans. Yet another reason im happy to try and keep the process all analog. Sorry I have to start with a new set of frames, but I wasn't even sure this old paper would develop.

I just use a 3in1 scan combo for these, cause i'd rather buy film then a v500 or something. Not really looking for info on that, just saying. Would be open to darkroom tips since I'm acquiring gear bit by bit, but i'll probably just troll the forums.

So heres a comparison of the contact vs straight scan. At least this time the same frames. It really looks more like a scanning issue. Nonetheless the testing will continue!!

Negative Scan (Luminance Adjusted)
Olympus Infinity 3.jpg

Contact Sheet (cropped in Aperture)
Contact Test - Version 3.jpg

Full Contact (Luminance Adjusted)
Adjusted Contact 001.jpg

Although this is entertaining if I can't get better results with a couple tweaks looks like Tri-X is in my future.

Thanks again.