Jeff and Zewrak, thank you for the welcome.
In my case, I was interesting in photography quite a few years before loosing my eyesight. I simply became much more serious about photography after losing my eyesight.

When I lost my eyesight, I gained lots of free time and the opportunity to deeply explore two of my interests psychology and photography.
I began working towards a degree in psychology, with hopes to return to work using my mind instead of the manual labor I was performing prior to becoming disabled. I then felt that since photography was something that I was interested in for such a long time -- 20+ years, that I would take it upon myself to become formally educated in the art as a part of my re-education.

I also find photography to be therapeutic, as it gives me the temporary relief I need from many of my challenges. While creating a photo, I only have to deal with the specific challenges involved with that photo, instead of 1,000's of random challenges coming from all directions.