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My wife and I will be in Paris for 10 days starting next week. We have never travelled abroad before and I am a little nervous about upsetting the locals with my camera. I've heard scare stories about tourists like myself being hassled by the local cops for taking pictures of street scenes. Is there anything to this?
If there is, what is the best strategy to get my pictures and not get hassled. If there is nothing to the stories, I'd like to hear that too.
No problems. Be sensible, courteous, and friendly, and don't try to emulate Bruce Gilden or whatever his name is. Don't use a tripod. Learn just a few words of French if you can - even enough to say "Pardon me, I only speak a little French - could we speak in English if you please?" Remember you're a visitor, not introducing them to American-style democracy. Walk where you can - don't even think about a car. I noticed your name includes Schwinn. If you're a cyclist there are bicycle hire stains all over (if you're ready to brave the traffic). Use the Metro to cover distances greater than you care to walk. It's a bit daunting the first time but we got a couple of Apps for the iPhone with maps of the Metro and a French-English-French phrase translator and we had a ball. Embrace the food and the culture. The French eat smaller quantities than you may be used to - you don't see many obese French people - but the food is exquisite.