Thank you, friends, for your nice words about Yashica - I repaired it well, and it works just fine. It will never leave my bag, so I can use it as an instant medecine The exposure meter circuitry, though, is strange - probably it's due to age, but it doesn't do really long exposures with 1.7 aperture, only abut 3 sec. - though they're not something I need really this much The transistors inside have rights to get old too, really. I can also recommend as a good pad replacement material a piece of small medical vial rubber cap. It's usually made of a very high quality nitrile rubber, resistant to chemicals and autoclaving. Its elasticity catches well the secondary release rod, and it is very difficult to compress, so changing the contacts alignment. Also it's easy to cut out 2 mm piece from this cap, and it can be glued securely to the lever. I used a grey-coloured cap from some kind of antibiotic.