I've shot some Ilford Pan F+ at ei 25. I have Rodinal developer. I shot the film outdoors on a partly cloudy day - some of the shots were under sunny conditions and some were cloudy. I am using a Nikon 35mm.

Does anyone have suggestions that have worked for them concerning developer ratio/development time/agitation times/fixing times?

I know this film+developer combo has been brought up before. I have done some searching around this forum and other forums online with limited success. However, I usually end up with results of Pan F+ developed in a different developer or a different film all together and wind up spending hours of time I don't have. That's why I am asking here for this specific combination rated at shot at ei 25.

Also, if any could point me to examples of Ilford Pan F+ shot at ei 25 developed in Rodinal (preferably with dev. times) - it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all of your input and assistance.