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While I'm sure everyone is acting with good intentions (), I don't envy your circumstance. One thing that concerns me is the number of intermediaries, particularly the designer. My experience with interior designers is that they can be problematic. While they may certainly help you get your work out by promoting and exposing it, they rather notoriously expect to buy your work at huge discounts, and will resell it to their clients at a huge markup. This can be worse than it at first seems if the client likes your work, and doesn't realize that buying direct or from your agent may be more reasonable than the invoice from the designer suggests. Ahem...

...but you probably shouldn't let that stop you.
One of my side projects is a software developer. We have a product that is useful for land surveyors, civil engineers and the like. We do sell direct to the customer, but we also have resellers of our software. We do give rather large discounts to the resellers, but we have found that we make more money by selling through the resellers than by selling direct to the customers because the volume of sales is much higher. I see absolutely nothing wrong with going through an intermediary to get the sale, if that's the way the client wants to handle it.

I do also think that a small deposit to cover cost of materials is not out of line, though it is likely that you would sell the prints eventually anyway.