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Any film will work with any developer (within reason, and excluding specialty films).

Just try it. There is nothing telling you you will like the results until you've tried it for yourself. Shoot a roll of the TMax 400 and bracket a normal and Plus/Minus a stop. Develop in the Fuji developer according to the Neopan 400 time. Focus on shadow detail only when you inspect the negs. Pick the film speed you like the shadow detail in best, and now shoot an entire roll at that speed.
In the dark cut the film in three pieces. Save two of them in a light tight container for later. Develop one third, and now inspect the entire tonal range. If contrast is too high, reduce developing time. If contrast is too low, increase time. Adjust until you have a good base line.

This approach is MUCH better than finding something on the internet that somebody else did.
As I've re-read this post of yours I find myself unclear about the procedure you suggest. When you talk about bracketing, I presume you mean three shots of each scene with different exposure settings. Of course I can achieve that by adjusting the shutter speed or the aperture; but then you talk about picking the film speed I like best for shadow detail. I'm not sure what you mean by "film speed". Are you talking about shutter speed? Or ISO? Sorry if I'm slow to catch on. You then go one to say I should "shoot an entire roll at that speed." So once again, by "at that speed" do you mean at a particular shutter speed, aperture. Or do you mean picking an exposure value or EV comp value such as "minus one stop", "plus one stop" or "normal exposure"?

Once again, sorry to trouble you with the elementary questions.