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Neutralize stop bath?

Do you neutralize salad dressing before you pour it down the drain? Working strength stop bath is about as acidic as a 1+1 dilution of vinegar. In fact you can just use white vinegar 1+1 with water if you want, or run out of stop bath and have vinegar.
Something I thought about last night as I was developing two rolls of Tri-X: When I pour stop bath down the drain it turns a little bit purple because of some of the remaining developer I just poured down the drain, 45 seconds ago.

Therefore, doesn't it stand to reason that the developer is neutralizing the stop bath? It would naturally be getting neutralized inside the J-trap before it ever gets to the sewer. Wouldn't it?

Further, if you wanted to make sure the stop bath was neutralized, you could pour developer and stop into a plastic tub, allowing them to neutralize before dumping the whole volume down the drain.

Problem solved, I suppose... Right?