Targets in Peoria and Springfield, Illinois haven't had C-41 machines for a while. Wal-Mart has largely phased their in-house C-41 processing out as well - there's one store in Springfield that still has it I think. I do E-6 more than C-41 so this doesn't affect me much. C-41 is still widely available here at Walgreens and CVS pharmacies though.

Wal-Mart's and Meijer's (a great lakes regional superstore chain kind of like Wal-Mart) C-41 send-out service doesn't do dev-only, you get prints, but can have them back in 3-6 days (fuji pickup in this area is currently Tuesday & Friday mornings). For E-6 add 7 days onto that. Slides come back mounted in cardboard mounts.