EDIT: That title should read reseting, not resting.

Hello all,

I've been put in touch with this forum via a user of another website that I post on. He said that I may be able to find help for a problem that I'm having with my RB67 Pro S here.

I'd been out shooting with my Mamiya on a cold day last December. Towards the end of my days shooting, I'd just got a picture in the can when I went to reset the mirror. I pushed the lever down, but it didn't spring back up again (though the mirror itself has descended). I've had this happen before and put it down the cold, and its eventually reset itself when this has happened. Thinking that the problem would resolve itself, I packed the camera away and thought nothing more of it. After bringing the camera out again last week with the intention of shooting with it, however, I discovered that the mirror reset lever is still stuck in the down position, which leads me to think that there's a problem inside the body that is needing fixing.

Can anyone help? Is this an easy enough matter to fix by opening the body up, or will it require someone with a bit more know-how at a camera repair shop? I've had a cursory go at opening the body up, but the screws are very tight and I'm thinking it might be beyond me.

The camera already has a bit of a fault in it in that when I shoot a picture, the shot doesn't cause the red exposed indicator to pop-up automatically in the frame counter, and I have to manually trip the switch on the back. Would it perhaps be a better option (and cheaper) to buy a new Pro-S body second hand, rather than getting it repaired?