Books on photography is something I really enjoy. An amazing resource I found is I used to get my used text books there while in classes. One day I typed in photography in the keyword search area and have not stopped buying books, most about $ 4.00 or so, including delivery.

Have a new virgin lens to bring to the gathering. A 285mm Wollsaton lens, mounted on a hardboard clone of a Technika lensboard built by Reinhold Schable with several waterstop (sp?) f stops. Makes me one with the shutter. Haven't tried it yet but Reinhold makes nice looking lenses. Many examples of the Wollsaton lenses here on APUG and on Reinhold's website.

Anyone here on this thread have any experience being a human shutter with a hat or dark slides. I've seen the You Tube stuff and can probably pull it off. Picked up an ND filter to put in front of the lens to help with slowing down the shutter speed while shooting wider open for the Wollsaton effect.