I took a $20 chance on this on eBay. It came with the box and looked somewhat taken care of, but of course the seller "didn't know much about cameras."

It is a late 40's model Universal Camera Corporation "Roamer II." For the most part it looks like its in good shape. Minimal rust spots, lens looks mostly clear, leather is all in tact, bellows appear to be in good shape, shutter release moves up and down easily... However the shutter appears to be stuck, along with the aperture blades.

I figured out how to unscrew the lens and get to the mechanisms but that's as far as I'm willing to go, as I have ZERO repair experience. From the pictures below, does this look repairable? Or should I chalk it up to a $20 piece of junky home decor?

Would anyone be willing to help me get the shutter operable for a nominal fee and a case of beer?