OK, so I have souped some 20+ rolls of Arista Premium ( Tri-X ) in Rodinal 1+50 at 20C and every time, ended up with horribly curly negs, to the point I can not even get them in the sleeves with out rounding the corners of the film off or it tears the plastic on the sleeves. I flatten them under some 20 pounds of weight for 3-4 days and while it does help, they are still quite curly and will I will always need to use a glass carrier when printing which I am NOT a fan of given the potential dust issues at this small of a format.

It has been very dry here, no snow / moisture to speak of, around 6-15% humidity.

After my stop bath, I do a quick temperature controlled rinse and then into the fix for 5-7 minutes depending on capacity left. I then use a Gravity Works film washer at the same temp for the recommended time and photo flo 1+400 for about a minute, one pass of a squeegee and hang them up in my darkroom which is virtually dust free.

I can deal with what ever it takes to prevent curling, but I can not deal with this severe curling all the time after the fact.

Any insights, tips or otherwise would be much appreciated!