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Handles were made for left and right side for the Pentax 67/6x7, but obviously with right handle would present quite a challenge operating the shutter release handheld! The left handle is still very common, but adds additional weight to an already heavy camera and with handles on, there is no means by which to attach a neckstrap, such as OpTech's very good neoprene straps that magically make a heavy beast of burden a pleasure to haul.
I am unaware of any official right-hand grip for either model. There's not even anything for it to attach to, only one lug on the right side. Also, the grip is fully compatible with a strap, there are lugs that attach to studs on the handle just like the ones the grip mounts to. I often carry mine on the strap in vertical orientation, so the grip is close to my left hand, but you can also have it hang horizontally.