I have about 12 rolls of 120 roll film, Ilford HP3 and FP3, that were exposed by my late father-in-law around 1952. I developed one roll, and it came out virtually all clear, using D-76. I did some clip tests, and ended up developing another roll for double the developing time and with a shot of antifoggant in the developer. I got two printable (barely) images but the fog competed heavily with the images and most were near black. I may be able to improve them in a reducer.

I would welcome any comments on what would be the best developer and technique to use in this context to experiment on the remaining rolls. Basically, the backing papers have partly fused to the film, and I think they have chemically fogged the film. There are images to be coaxed out, but I do not know the best things to try.

I also have some 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 glass plates that he shot around the same time and never developed. They should not have the backing paper problem. He was an Englishman, and one pack of plates is marked "Coronation" - could be very interesting.