Ok will bump and old thread, I have the same (Kodak Professional Rapid Fixer A & B). Directions say in order to make 1 Gal (3785 ML), I mix 1900ML of water with 946ML of Part A, then add 104ML of part B. Then add water to make 3785ML (1 gal).

I would like to make 500ML of total fixer, my math tells me that each part is as follows when deconstructing the 3.8L formula:

Total Fix Bath: 3785ML

Mix Water 1900ML 50%
A 946ML 25%
B 104ML 3%
Total Thus Far 2950ML 78%
Water to make 835ML 22%

Does it extrapolate as below? Any agree/dissent? I am going to fix some Efke and had a bottle of this laying around and wanted a hardening fix (if you are wondering why I wd bother):

If I want Tank Size -> 500ML
Mix Water 250ML
A 125ML
B 14ML
Total Thus Far 390ML
Water to make 112ML