Hi Whitey - Thanks for the notice. Does the wording mean that there will be no previewing during the regular show hours? If so, I am thinking that you will have only dealers at the preview, because they will be the only ones in the building at closing time. Without the lure of daytime previewing, I am not sure how many John Q. Publics will be incentivized to stay around for the evening auction.

Or better yet, maybe the auction could run at 2:30 PM with preview from 12 to 2:30. This would bring people into the building during regular show hours. By definition, anyone who would attend the auction is a potential customer for the table dealers, so a concurrent preview could only increase traffic and sales for the table dealers. My experience is that by 2:30 the action on the floor is pretty slow anyways, so the selling hour lost to the auction would likely be more than offset by the increased buzz from 12 to 2:30. And you would have a larger crowd at the auction for sure.

Just my ravings. Feel free to ignore or take to heart!


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As a result, we'll be having an auction on Saturday night right after the show closes. The preview is from 4 - 5 P.M. The auction will be from 5:00 - 6:30 P.M. or so.