Hi Paul,

I know it's a bit late, but I just came across your post now when I did a search for 'Silvershotz' looking for the same thing as you, opinions from subscribers. I've been a regular subscriber for the past few seasons and find I'm getting less and less satisfaction from it, which is a shame since, as you said, the production quality is fantastic, and they ARE a sponsor here.

I was a bit let down last year (I think it was) when they started a fantastic sounding series on presentation & promotion (and other things). It was advertised as a six part series, (from memory) the first was online promotion, the second was matting and framing techniques (I think... I could dig them out and check...), but the following installments never appeared. I emailed and asked if the omission was an oversight, or they had changed their mind etc as there was no further mention of the series in the magazines. the response I got was along the lines of "...the editor has some great content planned for the future, please subscribe to the next edition..." ...what?! To me, that said "Suck it up, we don't care what you think of our content, just keep sending us money" (I'm sure that wasn't their intent).

Some, most, of the work in the mag is incredible, and shows that a lot of time, effort and passion has gone into creating the works, but honestly, I'm losing interest... the kind of content they're publishing is the sort of imagery I'd expect to see if I was sent an email of pictures from www.worth1000.com