At least here in Germany the Leitz cassettes were very popular. There were also Agfa cassettes, quite similar. There were also "daylight packs", e.g. film on a spool that you could insert into a used film cartridge in the dark.

Until well into the sixties film was very expensive here, so people tried everything to reduce film costs. Today, most bulk film is more expensive than ready-made 135/36 cassettes, with very few exceptions. I like to shoot Orwo moviestock film, and that is only available in rolls starting at 100', and pretty cheap.

Today, the going price for Leitz cassettes is about 3-10 Euros (4-13 USD), even on e(xpensive)bay. There are some vendors who want $50 for one of them, of course, but such auctions end with zero bids

Regarding Nikon cassettes, I never saw one.