Is it me or is the listing of Fuji neg films a complete dog's dinner? I've trawled a few UK supply sites trying to work out not just what is still available from old stock, but what seems to still being shipped to the UK (I don't use the words 'in production' because who knows about that! What I've found is this (I was trying to put it in a table, but it all went a bit wrong, so it's messy, I hope you can work it out)

Fuji 35mm 120

Pro 160c yes no
Pro 160s yes yes
Pro 160ns no yes
Pro 400H yes yes
Reala no yes
Superia 200 yes no
Superia 400 yes no
Superia x-tra 400 no yes
Superia x-tra 800 yes no
Superia 1600 yes no

If anyone know's more, do let me know.